How Long

" How long has it been, when you have felt something at its best? When whatever you gave came back, reciprocated with no lag? How long, how long has it been when you saw your efforts mirrored by others, how long has it been when your silence meant a thousand words. How long has it... Continue Reading →

How To Add Aesthetic Newspaper background to a Photo:- Picsart Editing Tutorial

Hey guys, I know there are better ways to do this, using complicated and professional software but for all the lazy butts out there, here is an easy tutorial on Picsart. Lets Begin! I : Select any picture you want to edit, it would be preferred that the image doesn't have a crowded background. A... Continue Reading →

Ama Cafe

Amongst the heart of Majnu ka Tilla lies Ama Cafe, popular among students, visitors and locals for its mouthwatering deserts but what stole our heart was it's wide variety of 12'' pizzas and flavourful fries. What makes it amazing?Let's start with my favourite thing.... Pizzas, indulge in a slice of Peri Peri chicken pizza and... Continue Reading →

Free Seva

  "Okay so the other day I was at lajpat Nagar market and my throat was really dry so I was looking around for any shop to get a bottle of water and I came to this little corner where a couple, husband and wife were providing "Free Seva" of water. I have seen this... Continue Reading →

Way to dreams

Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open.”—Pauline Kael We have heard it... Continue Reading →

Boy with a Golden Heart -1

And again I got lost in my dream hearing you whisper all too good about me. Guess what we never get, is what haunts our nights. Mine is, wanting you by my side. Maybe I understand now how time works, dragging some with it haunting some. And then all I wanted was just a little... Continue Reading →


  And Azure was lost once again, where you ask a place soo deep inside where even she couldn't find herself. Azure was trying to find Perfect, but Perfect had different plans, Perfect was just too perfect at disguise. Whenever she thought she was close, he changed his disguise, always weaving a puzzle. Azure was... Continue Reading →

Visual Imperfection

"We all have our own drugs and we get high in our own ways" So he chose silence with a brimming cup of warmth, for him he was never enough; for him he never surpassed. But I saw him sitting there facing the moon when the sun was rising, and he was high, not the... Continue Reading →

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